Posted 29.09.2023 at 12:00 AM

Batch Update (4/4)

Hello hello!!
Thanks for reading chapter 5 and all of Act 1!
Hope you enjoyed it and the few questions it answers makes up for all the extra ones I've thrown upon you. Chapter 6 is in its really early stages and I won't know when it'll be ready- and since I quite liked uploading in batches instead of weekly, it won't be online until it is pretty much complete. I'll be sure to keep you all updated as I progress, I just need a bit of time and some gentle patience

In the mean time between chapters, I'll be doing a Post-Act 1 Q&A!!
Send in your questions below in the comments section, or you can ask (with the option of being anonymous) at

You can ask anything about the comic, or ask questions to characters directly!
I won't be able to answer all questions, especially those that are major spoilers or art requests.

For this post-chap 5 intermission- I didn't have time to do a Q&A since I was crunching to get the issue printed for a comic festival. Instead, have a few memes and old art

Late september-early october, my shop will be open again with printed versions of all the chapters!
Head to!!

I'll see you all again soon!!