Andy is a simple guy whose simple life was swiftly ruined thanks to a fatal attack from a giant undead monster. Instead of dying however, he finds himself making a deal with an ominous being in desperation to save his life. Waking up feeling like the whole ordeal was a dream, reality comes crashing in when his shadow is now host to a foreign being. Burdened with an impossible task and an unwilling partner; Andy must dive into the obscure, enigmatic, and the unknown, tracking down the Rephaim to uncover the truth not only of the misfortune shoved upon him, but also that of his entire existence.

Rephaim contains elements of Body Horror, Mild Gore, Stylised Violence, and Strong Language. Certain themes, ideologies, and concepts explored may also be sensitive to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.

An Australian creative cryptid from Perth, Western Australia. I’m a university graduate with a B.A. in Illustration embarking on my first solo comic project after working as the colourist on Adrast.

For any questions or queries, send me an email at or contact me through my sites below.

Connoisseur of typos, annihilator of plot-holes. Edits scripts and helps in story progression. Loves reading
so much she owns a bookstore in canon.

An all-powerful code wizard who descended from the heavens(?) to save Bre from coding hell. Coded
the site layout and handles all technical issues.