Last up is Rai. This was an interesting one to think about, because even though I went for sorcerer, I would say that rogue is more fitting to their style of conduct. I'm avoiding doing multiclasses with these, but I'd like to imagine they're a Rogue Sorcerer. Shadow sorcery is an obvious call, can't get more fitting for our shadow friend. One of the class features of shadow magic is getting command over a shadowy hound, so our friend from chapter 1 also technically gets a feature.
For race, Changelings are able to shapeshift to look like any other humanoid they like, and given Rai's predicament of wearing Andy's face instead of their own, it has a fun irony. Technically, this wouldn't be what they would look like since they're mimicking Andy still, but I'm not going to let you guys have it that easy with non-canonical material!

But with this, is the end of the intermission! Thanks for being patient, I have been working as hard as I can with the pages, but ultimately decided to take an extra week off.

Chapter 4 with launch on March 20th with a batch update! The cover will be posted on the 13th!

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